About the Author


Winifred Tappan is an inspirational late bloomer and proof that it’s never too late to follow a dream and change careers! She went back to college when she was 50 and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. At 55, she earned her Master of Arts Degree. Twenty years later she retired, after teaching learning disabled and emotionally disturbed students at a high school level. At age 87, she published her first book and, in the process of writing it, “discovered that I really love to write and wish I had not waited so long to start.”

Tappan remembers a professor in college telling her that she ought to get a paper published that she had written for his class. At the time it never occurred to her that this might be something she would enjoy doing as a career. At age 90, she published her third book, A Pilot’s View of World War II that tells the story of a B-17 pilot and his war experiences. And, now at age 93, she has just authored her fourth book, Silent Voices. Through personal letters, interviews, and first-persona accounts, servicemen tell of their war experiences, thoughts and feelings during the second world war. This is her second on World War II. “Which is funny,” Tappan says, “because I never liked history in school.”