Silent Voices


Silent Voices.  By Winifred Tappan. Edited by Kathryn R. Burke. Letters, interviews, 1st person accounts of 6 WWII servicemen from 1942-1945 in Europe, the Pacific, and Africa. Includes a sinking ship, Purple Heart recipient, two combat deaths, a POW story that is hilarious, and a seaman’s eye-witness account of General MacArthur signing the peace treaty. The men are fiercely patriotic, pragmatic, and positive about their experiences. Riveting reading

Book includes original letters and interviews, and YouTube references to events and live interview with POW detailed in the book. Throughout the text, extensive commentary as ‘Author’s Notes’ and ‘Editor’s Notes’ provides historical reference and context. Illustrated. Historic photographs. Extensive and comprehensive Resource Bibliography.


Review. “As a World War II Veteran, I can relate to these men’s stories. Tappan’s book tells it like it really was for us in combat and during those long, lonely times when letters from home meant so much.”
~ Reuben Carroll Gaulke, U.S. Navy, WWII

Review. “Silent Voices is fascinating reading.  Like looking in Harry Potter’s glass ball, we are drawn back to WWII through these heroes’ stories.  Their  experiences are vividly told, and we feel their loneliness, courage, and commitment.” [Read more]
~ Carol Bucy, author, Family Ties in Changing Times  and Harmony

Review. “Silent Voices by Winifred Tappan shares first-hand accounts of the conflict and chronicles events of several of the heroes that were involved in the war. She utilizes a variety of sources, including previously recorded oral histories, wartime letters and written memoirs to tell their stories.”
~Alan Renga, Digital Archivist, San Diego Air and Space Museum [Read more]

“With literary skill and heartfelt compassion, Tappan has captured the voices of those too soon forgotten, heroes from the ‘Greatest Generation.’” [Read more]

~ Robert Floyd, 101st Airborne, VietNam 1969-1970

2019  SKU B028SC-WT19  Winifred Tappan
6×9. Soft cover, Color. Illustrated with Resource Index and List of Illustrations, 228 pgs.

BISAC: HIS027100      HISTORY / Military / World War II BIO008000 BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Military
ISBN: 978-1-7336234-0-7   |   LOC: 2019900544

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