Reviews: Silent Voices

Vivid tales of courage and commitment – Tappan’s book tells it like it really was.

Silent Voices is fascinating reading.  Like looking in Harry Potter’s glass ball, we are drawn back to WWII through these heroes’ stories.  Their experiences are vividly told, and we feel their loneliness, courage and commitment. Surviving prisoner of war camp, sinking ship, loss of buddies and brother, and war tragedies, they teach us about strength, coping, and thriving. I really loved this book.  Read it nonstop and wondered if my dad (a Marine) was in San Diego at the same time.”
~ Carol Bucy, author, daughter of WWII serviceman

“As a World War II Veteran, I can relate to these men’s stories. Tappan’s book tells it like it really was for us in combat and during those long, lonely times when letters from home meant so much.”
~ Reuben Carroll Gaulke, U.S. Navy, WWII

“As time marches on, we are left with very few veterans from the Second World War to tell their stories. As a result, in order to give first-hand accounts of the conflict, we must search for other ways to relay the experiences of those that lived through the conflict. Silent Voices by Winifred Tappan does an admirable job of this by utilizing a variety of sources, including previously recorded oral histories, wartime letters and written memoirs. Using these resources, the author chronicles of several of the heroes that were involved in the war. Their stories are varied and include death, love, and the terror and mundaneness of wartime life from different theaters and branches of the service. The subjects’ charismatic and often humorous personalities are clearly conveyed through book and the author does a very good job of adding context to the stories. Silent Voices is an excellent book for those who are looking to get a feel for what life was like during the war on a personal level for those fighting in it.
~Alan Renga, Digital Archivist, San Diego Air and Space Museum

“As we come out of the clouds at 10,000 feet, WHOOO, WHOOOO, WHOOOO, Somebody is shooting at us!’ U.S Army Air Corps veteran Joe Ortiz, who spent the better part of three years in a German POW camp, describes the attack that sent him there. His is just one of several true stories from WW II veterans as related in Silent Voices. With literary skil and heartfelt compassion, Tappan has captured the voices of those too soon forgotten, heroes from the ‘Greatest Generation.’”
~ Robert A. Floyd, 101st Airborne Division, Vietnam, 1969-1970