Wini’s Books with Solutions

Book/Solution # 1: Grappling With Government Abuse: My Social Security Nightmare

Grappling with Government Abuse. By Winifred Tappan. I was happy that day in the spring of 2004, and had no idea I was about to encounter Social Security problems. I had many friends in Montrose, Colorado, mostly at the Senior Center, where we played pool and had lunch together. I had no idea how that serenity was about to change as I walked into the Social Security office in town. I still didn’t suspect anything as a lady came in and sat facing me behind a desk. Her first accusatory words were, “You have been overpaid for eleven years. You will have to pay that money back!” I was in shock after she told me that I owed the government nearly $16,000 – two whole years’ income for me! She inferred that it was all my fault; I supposedly had not told them that I was a teacher.

This book is my story of a retired teacher’s battle with the Social Security administration. The struggle to resolve my Social Security problems took eight years. It was frustrating, often confusing and uncertain, and at times made me downright angry.

I hope that sharing my experience will benefit someone, somewhere, who may also be caught in the same web of what I call “government abuse.” In the Appendix I’ve included copies of several documents and forms used by myself and/or my attorneys that can help in the Appeals Process. I hope these and my story will give you the tools and inspiration to solve any problem you may be having with Social Security. Be sure, it is possible to prevail.

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Book/Solution # 2:  Lactose-free Cookbook; Living Deliciously 


Lactose Free. By Winifred Tappan. This book contains information about lactose intolerance along with example recipes – how to eat all your favorite goodies without suffering any pain. It answers the question, “I’ve been drinking milk for 60 years, why is it bothering me now?”

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